THANK YOU for joining a fabulous
Creative Coast 2024!

May 17th

Creative Coast 2024 took place on May 17th and we want to extend our warmest and biggest thank you’s to everyone who attended, exhibited, hosted workshop and/or in any way were involved or engaged in Creative Coast 2024. Hundreds of visitors from all over Blekinge and Skåne and beyond got to play portable escape room and quiz walks, make pizza in AR, play turn based chicken-football-games and lots of other fabulous games, create cosplay items and much more 💙

Huge Congratulations to The Duck Army and Fireshard – the Winners of Game Concept Challenge 2024! 🎮👏

Head over to our Facebook page to check out the photos from CCF 2024! 📸

Interested? Duh. The event page contains all the news and program details!

Game Concept Challenge

Game Concept Challenge is a competition for game projects with the purpose of granting a big support package to teams on their journey to start their own company. As a participant, your ultimate goal should be to create a game which you then can build a company around.

All submissions will be judged by a jury consisting of industry veterans from the games industry.

Game Concept Challenge was founded to find interesting games and teams and help them reach their full potential.

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