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May 17th

Creative Coast Festival 2024 is in the making.

Join us in Karlshamn on May 17th!

Interested in participating in CCF/GCC? Look no further!
Registration for Exhibitors, Speakers and Workshop hosts

Registration for Game Concept Challenge 2024

If you’d like to visit Creative Coast in Karlshamn while getting a good night sleep and indulging a lovely breakfast, make sure to book your room at Hotel Carlshamn with our discount! 

Single Room 999:- per night incl. breakfast (regular price 1199:-)
Double room 1199: – per night incl. breakfast (regular price 1399:-)

To book with the discount, you need to call or send an email to the hotel and mention Creative Coast Festival.

Phone: +46 (0)454-89 000

See you in Karlshamn May 17th!

Interested? Duh. Obviously! The event page will be updated with plenty news and program details!

Game Concept Challenge

Game Concept Challenge is a competition for game projects with the purpose of granting a big support package to teams on their journey to start their own company. As a participant, your ultimate goal should be to create a game which you then can build a company around.

All submissions will be judged by a jury consisting of industry veterans from the games industry.

Game Concept Challenge was founded to find interesting games and teams and help them reach their full potential.

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